I'm a designer and engineer that makes tools for learning and creativity. Overall, I'm most interested in building creative assistants and intelligent interfaces, which often blends design, educational psychology, and computer science. I think a lot about how the computer can be something that works with you instead of something you work with.

Currently, I'm spending the summer prototyping new features for Scratch at the MIT Media Lab. I just graduated from Harvard and focused on the intersection of technology and education with Dr. Bertrand Schneider. Previously, I studied computer science and math at Emory where I researched with Dr. Jinho Choi and Dr. Trisha Kesar, and Dr. Rosa Arriaga at Georgia Tech. I also worked with IBM Security designing social media simulations for cyber attacks.

My skills include web and mobile development, UI and UX design, graphic design, data visualization, research, and machine learning. My about page should probably end with dry humor about how I spend my free time, so if I'm not hunched over a laptop you can catch me getting sucked into mockumentary binges or wondering why I'm awful with directions.