I'm a creative technologist that makes tools for creative expression and learning. I'm generally technology-agonostic, so this includes everything from apps for composing music in AR to adaptive reading comprehension tools. I'm most skilled in front-end web and mobile development, UI and UX design, graphic design, scientific research, and data visualization. I'm also super excited to experiment more with machine learning  and AR/VR design.

I just graduated from Harvard where I focused on the intersection of education, design, and technology. I previously studied computer science and math at Emory where I did research with Dr. Jinho Choi and Dr. Trisha Kesar. I also did research at Georgia Tech with Dr. Rosa Arriaga. Previously I've worked at IBM Security designing social media simulations for cyber attacks.

I should probably end my about page with dry humor about how I spend my free time, so if I'm not working you can usually catch me getting sucked into mockumentary binges or wondering why I'm awful with directions.