Hi! I'm Tyler. I'm a designer and engineer that makes tools for learning and creativity. I care a lot about helping people be creative and making complicated topics accessible.

I'm currently a designer at Repl.it, making online coding easier and more collaborative. Recently, I spent some time prototyping new features for Scratch at the MIT Media Lab. Before that, I graduated from Harvard and focused on the intersection of technology and education with Dr. Bertrand Schneider. Previously, I studied computer science and math at Emory where I researched with Dr. Jinho Choi, Dr. Trisha Kesar, and Dr. Rosa Arriaga at Georgia Tech.

Some key areas I constantly read about are knowledge sharing, future of programming, creative tools, and bio-inspired design and computer science.

My skills include web and mobile development, UI and UX design, graphic design, data visualization, research, and machine learning. If I'm not hunched over a laptop you can catch me getting sucked into mockumentary binges or wondering why I'm awful with directions.